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Shantiratn, which means jewel of peace , it is started by Mr. Inderjeet Singh in 2014. As a recovering addict himself, he works with a team of doctors, counsellors, and psychosocial therapists to help patients recover from the disease of addiction.We understand that recovery is not easy it takes hard work. We have qualified team of counselors and doctors to help you or your loved one escape from the desert of addiction. Hello Friends , I am Inderjeet Singh President of Shantiratn Foundation.I am a recovering addict , I used drugs and alcohol for 18- 20 Years or rather I would say I abused them but I took the treatment from one of the Rehablitation center and did what was told to me to do and now I am living a drug free life .I know the pain it takes to leave it and what goes with the family of an addict so I decided to help other suffering addicts and alcoholics.

In a family counseling meeting, a mother asked if her son would be able to adjust to treatment, a question often asked by concerned family members. In order to give a helpful answer, I modified the mother’s question. The counselor asked her to think whether her son would be able to survive without drugs; whether he would perform daily activities without hallucinations; whether he would live a fruitful and productive life. This question changed the whole perspective. Instead of concentrating solely on the comforts of the patient, the focus was shifted to the importance of the patient’s ability to accept rehabilitation. When a new resident enters treatment for the first time, leaving their drugs behind, it is no surprise that they lose patience. They begin to crave the opportunity to fall back into their previous lifestyle and start taking drugs. Even going to treatment facilities that provide the best conditions for rehabilitation still did not take away their inextinguishable desire for drugs. For this reason, our primary concern is not the patient’s comfort, but helping him fight his addiction. At SHANTIRATN FOUNDATION, we mix the necessary comfort with a strict routine in order to give each patient the best opportunity for recovery.

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